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10 Reasons to put Flora Park Serviced apartments- as Your 1st choice in Your next visit to Kuwait

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Flora Park is a Hotel Apartments located in Kuwait - which is offering high level of serviced apartments in low costs ..

* Why Flora Park Hotel Apartments - Kuwait ?!

* At Flora Park - Kuwait .. You will feel like Home as You will find extra space in our apartments to do your daily activities like reading and working . which You will not find in the normal hotels ..

* At Flora Park .. You can Cook your special food by Yourself .. as all of Our apartments includes full kitchens with all the needed staff .. Our kitchen have a 4 electric burning cooker with oven , Microwave , Water Kettle , Knives , Cutting boards , Spoons , Plates , Cups , Water glasses and More ..

* In Flora Park You will not be worrying about washing Your clothes as You will have a Full Automatic washing machine .. So You can wash Your clothes every day if You Prefer .. Or We can wash it for You at extra fees but with a 25% discount from the normal rate as You are a Flora Park Guest ..

* In Flora Park we are connecting our Guests to the world through 30 MB internet service .. so You will not be worrying about the slow speed of the internet .. as we are covering all the apartments and the public areas with a very good covering WIFI signals ..

* Also you will be connected to the world Through our LCD TVS which have Two full satellites ( NileSat & HotBird ) .. So You will have +1000 different channels to watch in Your spare times ..

* as we have a House Keeping service Team .. So You will not be worrying about the room clean as well .. as we are cleaning all the rooms everyday except Friday ( So You can Enjoy sleeping all Your weekend day :) )

* We have a great swimming pool .. So You can get Your swimming clothes and be ready for enjoyments .. Swimming pool is indoor so you will not be worried about Your privacy .. and its heated in the winter so You will have a good experience in winter as well ..

* We have a good GYM as well so You can take care about Your fitness ..

* If You are a person who likes Billiards Or Table tennis .. So we are prepared for You :) .

* Our Rooms have also ACs , Heaters , Irons , Ironing boards , washing clothes stands and more .. so You can feel like Home :)

Thank You .. Flora Park Hotel Apartments - Kuwait 's team

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